Marking Standards

Color Codes

All owners of underground facilities (lines, cable, pipe, etc.) must use the following color code when marking their facilities:

Red electric power lines, cables, conduit & lighting cables
Yellow gas, oil, steam, petroleum & gaseous materials
Orange communications, alarm, cable TV, signal lines, cables & conduit
Blue potable water
Green sewers & drain lines
Purple reclaimed water, irrigation & slurry lines
Pink temporary survey markers
White Proposed excavation

Facility Markings

Now you've got colored markings on the ground. You know what the colors mean, but what do the actual markings mean? By clicking the link below, you will open up a pdf document that contains just about everything you need to know about those markings on the ground, from what the lines and arrows mean to what the initials mean. And the best part is, you can save or even print a copy to keep for future reference.

Download a copy