What do I need to know?

Excavator Responsibilities

Prior to excavation, anyone planning to do demolition work or excavate with mechanical equipment is required to:

  • Mark the area of proposed work with white paint, chalk or flags prior to calling,
  • Give notice to the Arkansas 811 Call Center (800-482-8998 or ETicket) at least two, but not more than 10, working days before starting the work, and
  • Provide accurate and specific information concerning the site and the extent or scope of the work.
  • Provide correct address/directions to the work site.
  • Provide where on the site the work will take place.

Once an AR 811 reference or ticket number is created for a job:

  • Call in a new locate request if additional areas outside the scope of the original ticket need to be marked,
  • Renew a locate request if work does not start within 10 working days,
  • Renew a locate request anytime markings are no longer visible and work is continuing,
  • Renew a locate request if work will continue past 20 working days,
  • Use an excavation method approved by the utility owner or hand dig within 18 inches either side of the markings (safety zone), and
  • Notify the utility owner immediately if damage occurs. If the damage permits the escape of hazardous gas or liquid, the police and fire departments must also be immediately notified.
  • Establish and maintain communication and coordination on projects that are delayed or lengthy until the project is completed.