In response to the request for access for after hour emergencies, AR 811 phones are answered 24/7 – making a CSR available to you anytime you need a locate request. So that we can handle after hour calls quickly, we ask that regular requests, as much as possible, be called in during our main hours, Monday through Friday, 6:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M.


E-Ticket is another option to request a locate. It is a user friendly, on-line locate request system. E-Ticket returns the information in an electronic format which can be easily stored on your desktop.

GIS Updates

For our utility members we continually look for ways to improve access and manage information for both tickets and GIS database.

Partnering with ARKUPS, AR 811 continues to increase the value of what we do without increasing the cost to our members.

Because of rapid growth in many areas of the state, traditional resources for base maps updates were not quick enough to meet the needs of those involved in the AR 811 process. ARKUPS now has GPS in every truck. ARKUPS Damage Prevention Specialists (DPS) drive more than 3 million miles a year, encountering new roads and subdivisions on a daily basis. GPS information is gathered and transmitted to AR 811 so that the base maps can be quickly updated.

Design Associate Membership

Both AOC and ARKUPS combined to respond to a more recently expressed need of line locations for design purposes. Realizing that surveys are not covered by State Law but are crucial to damage prevention, impact project costs an cause delays, the Design Associate Membership was developed.

Although not a total solution, we are able to provide an option to those involved in design projects. More information can be found under Member Services.


AR 811 is committed to defining a quality locate and addressing the issues that contribute to poor quality. Many factors affect the quality of a locate. Some of these factors are:

Caller Information: Were good address/directions provided? Could you reach someone at the contact numbers provided? Was the site marked with white or was enough information provided so marking could occur? Was it an emergency?

Call Center Training & Procedures: Were the right questions asked? Was the correct information entered? Was the call handled professionally and courteously?

Mapping: Was the AR 811 mapping information accurate and up-to-date?

Utilities: Were the markings on the dig site from the utilities accurate and were responses timely? Was good information provided to sub contractors for locate requests?

If you experience any issues with the damage prevention process, please send us an email. Please be sure to provide the associated ticket number and a brief description of the issue.