Damage Prevention

Damage prevention is no accident

Power of Partnership

It begins with a call to AR 811┬ábefore you dig, and ends with everyone safe and productive. Damage prevention is no accident and it’s accomplished through the concept of partnership. With everyone on the same page, all working together to achieve their individual goals but all focused on one common theme: safety and damage prevention. Following the simple tasks below can be the difference between a job well done and disaster.

The Excavator

  • Call AR 811┬áto submit your locate request. Provide accurate information and white mark your dig site
  • Renew your locate request if your work will continue past 20 working days or if the marks are no longer clearly visible.
  • Always allow for a clear and productive communication with utilities and DPS.

The Utility or DPS

  • Accurately mark the center line of your facilities.
  • Strive to mark your facilities in a timely manner and communicate in a timely manner when an issue arises.


  • Meet in advance to establish communications and coordination on large projects.
  • Provide regular status updates and coordinate weekly work schedules so that the utilities and locators can work with the excavator to keep the marks fresh.
  • Attend Damage Prevention Alliance (DPA) meetings to share information and resolve issues with others in your area.

Following all of these tasks will aid in project coordination, decrease work stoppage, and above all, help promote damage prevention and safety. With a partnership based on communication, cooperation, and coordination between excavators, utilities, and utility locators facilitated by the AR 811 process, we can all succeed.

Marking Standards

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