Arkansas 811 GIS

Arkansas 811 GIS Department is making strides to help provide the latest land base map. Arkansas 811 has partnered with ARKUPS (a contract locating company for utilities) to install GIS equipment in their trucks to capture the roads they travel to give Arkansas 811 a very up to date land base map. We feel this is extremely important to help ensure proper notification to our members. The GIS Department also works closely with the Arkansas Geographic Information Office to update additional information on the land base such as point addresses and city boundaries.

Member Service Area Mapping is available to all Arkansas facility operators! This site is available to update and maintain your notification areas with Arkansas 811. By maintaining notification areas electronically, no paper maps are needed. In Member Service Area Mapping, you can manage your notification areas through mapping tools (add, delete and edit notification areas).

To login to Member Service Area Mapping, you will need to have a username and password. If you do not know have a username and password, click here.

This process will give you the maximum protection for your underground facilities and also minimizes tickets that may be outside your coverage area. The key to this process includes both the accuracy of the land base map and of your coverage. Please take the time to look over your coverage to decide if there are any subtractions or additions. Also remember the state law requires that you keep your database current and to report any changes within 30 days of the change.

Arkansas 811 is committed to protecting your underground facilities